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ATTENTION: Online Business Owners (or wanna-be's)!
If You Want to Grow an Online Business in 2019, You Can't Afford NOT To Read This Letter...
Never before, in the history of the planet...has the ability to make money been MORE accessible than it is today.
We're seeing the democratization of EVERYTHING...

Uber lets anyone become a taxi driver...
Air BNB lets anyone become a "hotel" owner...
Amazon lets anyone sell anything as a shop owner...

Even the growth of crypto currency has teased our society with the sober truth...We can be our own bank without a third party. 

With jobs and careers...the shift is happening there as well. 

More people than ever are taking to the Internet to build and grow their own shops, info-product businesses, agencies, and empires. You don't need to rely on a company or organization to fund your retirement or give you a steady paycheck...

You have the ability, right now...today.
Here's the problem...
It takes a WHOLE new set of skills than the ones you learned in school.

It takes a WHOLE new mindset than the one society taught you so you could get a job. 

It's a different way of life, way of earning, way of being. Building an online business is the most exhilarating, rewarding, and exhausting thing you'll ever do. 

And most of you are not truly ready for the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.
I know this because it happened to me.
I was a dabbler on the Internet business scene back in 2012. 

I knew I could make money online, and I did a little here and a little there, making a few hundred dollars a month.

I wasn't too worried about it all...until one day...my entire world collapsed.



No job.

No insurance.

No retirement or cushion or savings account.

My "dabbly" little Internet business now seemed completely unable to help me out of the life crisis I was in.
In complete panic mode, I started to push harder in my business. I knew there was money to be made, but I didn't know how to break out of the rut I was in.
No amount of hustle or grit seemed to make $2,000 a month become more. I grew yes, but I hit a ceiling. Again and again.

Why did I see other people around me making SO MUCH, and I wasn't?

I would endlessly read income reports on bloggers I followed and felt so much jealousy and envy. I needed to have a $23,000 month or a $10,000 day too. 

And I couldn't. Not doing the same thing I had been doing.
There were two things I needed...but I didn't know it at the time. It took months of slogging through guru blogs and offers before I realized what IT was.
When I figured it out?

Everything just blew up. 

I went from making $23-$70k a year to making $325k...

And eventually...I cracked the "million dollar year".

It happened so fast I wasn't able to keep up with my taxes or my business systems or anything. 

All because of these TWO things that changed it all.
So I bet you want to know what those two things are?
Most people get the first one. 

The answer? 

A digital marketing skill set

This suite of skills is defined by the ability to find and make money on the Internet. It's the lifeblood of every business, no matter what industry, and the more digital marketing skills I learned, the more money I made. 

There was a direct correlation that continues to work for me...and hundreds of my students.

But the second thing I needed? Many people miss this.
In order to succeed in business, you NEED a DREAM 100.
The Dream 100 is a symbol of sorts.

It's a list of 100 people who will make your business grow.

These 100 people have connections, resources, ideas, audiences of people, and complimentary offers that will help your business grow exponentially.

At first I thought solopreneur meant "solo". 

But after watching all the big time earners work their magic, I realized...they all had a posse.

A network.

A club of people who had their back.

Once I figured out this whole "network" thing, business absolutely exploded.

These two things...digital marketing skills, and a Dream 100...made all the difference in the world.
So where do you find these two things...for YOURSELF?
There are a TON of Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups and memberships and programs and masterminds. TONS. The selection is overwhelming (trust me, I know). And to build these two things...it takes time.

Time is the number one resource in the world...so wasting it on crappy courses and bad relationships is a HORRIBLE idea.

Still...how do you choose which one is right for you?
  • First, I would make sure there’s a trial run so you can feel how the community works. You need to know if you’re going to like the people you’re hanging out with right? If these people will be the ones to help you get off the ground.
  • ​Second, I would be sure that the group owner is touching base with his/her members at LEAST once a month. You want a leader who has a pulse on what's working RIGHT NOW, and can share it with you.
  • ​Third, look at the social proof. Ask people in the program if it’s a good program, if they’ve noticed a change in their skills, strategy, business relationships, and revenue.
  • ​Fourth, make sure the owner of the group has done what you want to do. Have they built an agency? Launched a course? Run an e-commerce business? It doesn’t make sense to follow a “guru” if they haven’t done what you’re trying to do.
After trial and error-ing my way through it all, I committed myself to growing a community using these two FOUNDATIONS at its core.
My membership community does everything I needed when I was first trying to scale to $100,000 a year.

I offer a trial run, so you can test it for yourself.

I go live every week, 52 weeks a year for live coaching in the field of digital marketing.

I make my members' results...the evidence of its success.

I am transparent in my acknowledgement that the TWO business types I can help are - online-based businesses and service providers and agencies (these are the business models I've succeeded in).
So today, I'd love to invite you to join Create Your Laptop Life®.
Create Your Laptop Life® will give you the critical digital marketing skills and network support you need to build your business and make your first $100,000 online.

And if you think you don't need a membership program because you can make a go of it on a free Facebook group and a few YouTube videos...

Fair enough. 

Try my group for fourteen days, really try it...immerse yourself in the people and the job opportunities and training and weekly coaching with me...

And if you think it's the same as a free Facebook group, you're only out $1.00.
Features of the Create Your Laptop Life Membership
  • Weekly Coaching with Julie: Every week, for an hour, I answer your questions and give you up to date info on what's working (and not) in the field of digital marketing.
  • Active Online Forum: The Create Your Laptop Life group is small enough so you don't get lost, but big enough that you will get an answer. The gold inside that group is worth the price of the membership alone.
  • Online Business Trainings (over 100 hours of content): Create Your Laptop Life® has been in existence since 2016. The amount of training and content inside is stunning. You'll be busy for a while!
  •  Exclusive Job Opportunities for Service-based Business Owners: An exclusive perk for my agency and digital marketing business owners. Get exclusive job opportunities not found ANYWHERE else.
The Truth About Memberships
The good ones will CHANGE your business forever. 

Mine is the best out there. 

I guarantee it. 

I guarantee it so much that I let you have access to all 100 hours of content, the group, the newsletter, and the weekly coaching for just $1.00.

And if that isn't enough of a push, I also have hundreds of people who will tell you (much better than I can) what Create Your Laptop Life has done for them.
What Others Have to Say
Try Create Your Laptop Life® for $1.00 for Fourteen Days and Get All of This...
365 days of private CYLL group support in an online forum: Tap into the hivemind. Call on the power of your seasoned peers for answers, support, and commiseration. You might also encounter wit, sarcasm, self-deprecation, and gross humor. #bonus This is unlike any other group you’ve seen.

PROPOSAL SECRETS: The single greatest revenue generating course I've ever created, clocks in at 3.5 hours and can help you sell proposals FAST. Get it inside Create Your Laptop Life!
INFLUENCE MASTERCLASS: Want to know how to get clients directly off of Facebook? Use this 2 hour class and have a full calendar in weeks!
52 Weeks of LIVE Q&A CALLS: This is your chance to ask me Digital Marketing + Online Business questions. Get answers to tech questions, advice on client/customer concerns, and support with general business issues. Get inspired, motivated, and birth new ideas.

If you need credentials, I've got them. Million dollar funnels for others, for myself, and I work with the BIGGEST internet marketer online - Russell Brunson. I do curriculum and coaching for him. I'm not sure I can give you MORE social proof than that!
Exclusive Job Opps: Only for online service providers through our Create Your Laptop Team business arm. Every connection we make, comes through our hire form DIRECTLY into the CYLL Network Group. #yesplease
CYLL TV: My library of free webinars, FB livestreams, any special workshops, and recordings over the past year and going forward. Never worry about missing something new. It's all stored in the CYLL TV vault, recorded, and easily downloadable for on the go listening.
All orders processed over a secure network.
You'll also get access to these exclusive bonuses, on Day 1!
Bonus #1: Get our mindset course The Happy Freelancer, for free!
Six modules that cover expectations, power, relationships, time, and productivity. A MUST HAVE course for anyone transitioning to the Laptop Life.
Bonus #2: Get Module One of The Digital Gangsta, for free!
The Digital Gangsta is my flagship digital marketing curriculum. Module One includes all kinds training on how to get your online business started on the right foot.
Bonus #3: Get our WordPress Website Design Course, for free!
From beginner to advanced, my WordPress design course has taught people enough to either build a website, or build an ENTIRE web design business. It's full of design strategies, CSS hacks, and more.
Bonus #4: Get our popular course Sign a Client in 30 Days, for free!
Get 30 days of actionable tasks to find and book clients for your freelance business. Each day, you'll get a Business Building Task and a Business Marketing Task. Rarely does it take anyone the full 30 days to sign a client when following my method, so if you're struggling to find clients, this course is for you!
Bonus #5: Get the brand new Starting From Zero Series, for free!
For beginners who are starting with literally ZERO skills and no idea how to start an online service provider business. This series is designed to help ANYONE begin getting some skills, clients, and money. Complete everything from basic business setup to developing skills to market.
What does $49 a month mean to you? That's about $1.63 a day. Skipping the LARGE on your latte in exchange for a business network that gets you where you need to go, with WHO you need to go with.

Whatever $1.63 translates to inside a day of your life, know this: When you join Create Your Laptop Life®, it’ll come back to you. FAST. In 6-12 months, you’ll look back and laugh and laugh at how it made you sweat. That initial chunk of change you were so reluctant to part with will be the very best thing you ever did for your business. 
I'll leave you with this...
You will NOT recognize your business (or yourself) in one year...if you join Create Your Laptop Life®. People pay (a minimum) of $12,000 to work with me privately, and you gain weekly access to pick my brain for $49/m.

I'm working with the largest Internet Marketing company in the world. I have direct access to Russell Brunson himself. I know what's working today, and what isn't.

And aside from my accolades, there are HUNDREDS of longstanding (2 years and counting!!!) members that you can rely on, become friends with, and grow with. 

It'll be the best investment you've ever made...

See you on the inside!

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